Mike Weckerly


Mike is the Why Whisperer.
‘Who, what, where, why, when and how are the children of storytellers…but Why is the favorite child.” On his first day of work after too much college in the 70’s Mike saw a film editing station be torn out of the TV station at which he was working. “The man who had spent his life spinning those editing wheels was in mourning as they took his tools to the scrap heap. Technology passed him by.” Today Mike embraces the ever changing tools and media delivery methods that allow him to dig deep into the Why of our clients’ core. In the world of big data it is more important than ever to use numbers to deliver emotion. “Analytics reveal, direct and inform the choices that reveal the Why in each campaign. Today’s storytellers embrace the data, tools and media choices to create the rhetorical quilt for each client.”

When he isn’t driving business for clients he revels in faith and family looking to engage disciplemakers, most often over family farm-sourced, small batch roasted coffee.

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