Lauren Copple

Graphic and Web Designer

Lauren Copple is the sunlight, casting her glow on every project she encounters as one of MorningStar Media Group’s Graphic Designers. She earned a B.F.A. in visual communications from Northern Illinois University and has experience working with clients in healthcare, retail and education.

Aglow with creativity and personality, Lauren’s stunning visual pieces will put the spotlight on your brand and light the way for customers and clients to find your goods and services. Brilliant graphic design ideas attract eyes and plant ideas that stay with passersby.

Like any star, Lauren has a warm and friendly approach with clients. “I like to form a relationship and to be as excited about their projects as they are.”

She can use her considerable talents to subtlety sculpt visuals or bring an edge to them, depending on what her clients need.

Lauren has what it takes to nurture your graphic design projects to make potential customers look twice. After all, everything grows with a little sunlight.



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