Jack Dwyer

Senior Online Media Strategist

Jack Dwyer is the digital ninja. He’ll do whatever it takes to solve your digital media needs.

At least once a week I come across something brand new and I get to figure out how to solve it. My favorite thing to do here is working on our Marketing Intelligence platform.”

When its time to put your digital marketing strategy to task, Jack has the tools to make it happen. With a degree in Computer Science from University of Alabama, he has the experience he needs to solve a variety of problems.

The most important thing his parents ever taught him was to “be honest; help others” and that “hard work makes anything possible.” He carries this wisdom with him in his day to day interactions with his coworkers and clients.

In his spare time, he loves to go to concerts (about one or two a month) and has a passion for football, especially college, as well as tinkering with computers and electronics. His latest project is a smart mirror which he hopes will help him look good while he keeps track of the weather.

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