Andrew Schrock

Video Production/Photography

Andrew Schrock is the story man. He lives to tell your brand’s tale.

The MorningStar Media Group videographer and video editor knows that each client’s project has a heart, a soul, and a goal. “Marketing is much more than just images and slogans. It’s about conveying the brand’s ideas, directions and personality to the public.”

Innovative, ambitious, and patient, Andrew knows how to deliver a message from behind the lens. “I’ve been running around with a camera creating videos since I was a teenager.”

Andrew can put your brand’s stylistic choices into motion. His work honors the charming aesthetics of the past and recognizes the urgent, ever-changing trends of the right now in videography and editing.

Not afraid to be daring, Andrew participates in both sports of rowing and lifting. He has the muscle to design effective and enterprising work that works for you.

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