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Perfect Plastic Printing, one of the top five producers of payment cards worldwide, wanted to elevate its supportive marketing materials for the benefit of its salespeople, who have more successful interactions with clients when they have access to carefully crafted marketing items.

MorningStar is redesigning Perfect Plastic Printing’s website dramatically, yet gradually, over several facelifts. The changes keep the essence of the former website while intelligently nuancing its appearance, response, and functionality.

This incremental design change has saved Perfect Plastic money so it can budget for other important projects. For instance, when Perfect Plastic celebrated its 50th anniversary, the company wanted to share its appreciation for employees, clients, and friends who have lent their support. MorningStar was honored to create a special piece for Perfect Plastic to commemorate half a century, conducting interviews with well-wishers, writing nostalgic stories, shooting photos, and handling the graphic design and layout.

MorningStar is a true extension of our marketing department. They are a part of our team and we lean on them for a wide variety of services. They never disappoint. Our partnership is invaluable! John Sala, Marketing Manager, Perfect Plastic Printing

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