January 15th, 2018

If you were following any mainstream news outlet on Friday, you saw/heard/read about Facebook’s latest about face on the content they serve up to your News Feed. Less brand and news info, more content from your friends and family.

If you’re a small business, large business, NFP, or organization, you might have panicked, and wondered, “Well, is this really worth it?”

The very short answer is: yes, Facebook is still worth it.

The longer answer is:

1. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Facebook’s latest announcement. If you read it, it’s important to note that they don’t mention they they’re going to lessen paid or sponsored content – just content from brands and news. This could be construed to read that they’re going to lessen the organic (read: non-paid) content that brands and news outlets are serving up on their pages on an hourly basis. Because let’s face it: Facebook advertising is how Facebook makes money. They don’t make money off yours or my profile page where I share photos of my family, or checked in for shopping this last weekend.

2. There are still 2 billion people on the planet who use Facebook. Two billion. People are still going to be using it, seeing ads, and interacting with the brands that they are passionate about. It’s still going to be critical for you to have a well-built timeline on your business or organization page, so that when people go there, you have compelling content that engages.

3. If we are a partner with you on your social media efforts, we’ve already shared with you the already low organic reach that your daily posts can get. There’s so much that Facebook calculates into how often they serve up your content, which builds the case for advertising. This will still be the same as it has been. For the money, Facebook delivers higher engagement (read: clicks directly to your website funnel) than most other media out there.

4. Content is key. Having engaging content with photos or video is a sure way to get more people to see your content. This doesn’t mean every post needs to be a Facebook Live event everyday at 3pm; it just means that you want to get interesting content out there that’s going to break through the clutter and stand out – because Facebook is still going to be looking at how many people engage with brand posts (especially how many of your friends and family do), and then deliver those posts accordingly among people you are connected to.

Facebook is a constantly moving target. It’s a social media outlet that we’re constantly on top of, and making adjustments based on the latest info we receive directly from Facebook. With a strategic approach, we can help make Facebook work for you.

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