May 11th, 2017

Brands should be fluid and speak to your audience. Often times, brands need to be changed in order to suit the times. MorningStar Media Group is no different in this case, and when talking about development of a new website, it was brought up that a new logo would help to further this new look of the MorningStar brand and make it more recognizable to clients.

When I was given the task of updating the logo, I first tried to simply update the current logo, by adjusting the star icon and freshening up the color pallet used. This didn’t seem to be quite enough, so I sketched for about 8-10 hours trying to come up with different ways to incorporate a star into the letter “M”.

Knowing that the logo would need to portray MorningStar as whole, which was quite the task as the company has many different facets. I knew that the logo would need to lean more towards the corporate side but wanted to keep a timeless look so that the logo would not become outdated but would still be creative enough to represent us. The whole purpose of creating this icon was so that everyone who saw it would recognize it was MorningStar.

After my initial process of sketching and then bringing it to life on the computer, I sought feedback and worked to make it as professionally finished as possible taking care to create nuances throughout.

The typography of the logotype, a serif font helped to communicate the timelessness and professionalism of the brand. The more modern, heavy logo icon was designed to balance the typography but also as a way to set MorningStar apart with a mark that could be easily recognizable as the brand.

MorningStar now has a logo that represents its many areas and specialties and that can be used for years to come.

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