August 23rd, 2018

One of the strongest ways to get traffic to your website is through a strategic, laser targeted digital marketing campaign. Digital campaigns vary – from Google search campaigns to display campaigns to retargeting to video pre-roll – and each works in tandem with targeting, strategic ad copy, and budgeting to help drive traffic to your site.

In 2016, MorningStar Media Group developed an award-winning* strategic digital marketing campaign for Tea Leaves Health, with the objective to drive more qualified traffic to the Tea Leaves Health website. Short term, Tea Leaves wanted to get more eyes on their website; long-term, Tea Leaves wanted to improve their organic and paid rank on Google search engine searches when industry relevant terminology was searched by users.

Based on these objectives, we recommended an immediate paid Google search ad campaign for the months of September – December 2016 to help improve visibility of Tea Leaves Health’s website when specific search terms were searched. Longer term to support organic search engine results, we recommended a full SEO review of the Tea Leaves Health website to optimize website content to improve those organic search results in search engines

We started an immediate paid Google ad campaign in September 216 to ensure that Tea Leaves Health was getting a boost in search engine results – this helped to get the Tea Leaves brand up at the top of the page when specific terms were searched, and more likely to be clicked on by users. While this paid Google search campaign was started, MorningStar also did a thorough SEO website review – taking a look at every single web page, all of the copy and content, and making sure all images were optimized for search engines – all to help Tea Leaves’ non-paid search engine results. Where updates were needed, we provided content recommendations to improve page, post, and event content to optimize the likelihood that Google would provide the page as a result during keyword searches, and Tea Leaves implemented all changes to their website.

The Results:

During the Google paid search campaign (September – December), Tea Leaves Health received 250,277 impressions, with an average first-page ranking position of 3.5. The overall click through rate (the number of times a Tea Leaves Health link was clicked among the total number of impressions) was 0.69%. An interesting capability of digital campaigns is their flexibility and fluidity – if we see that results could be improved, changes can be made to the campaigns quickly and easily, as opposed to a traditional media outlet which can take days or weeks.

For overall Tea Leaves Health web traffic (compared YOY) for 2015 – 2016, we also saw a significant growth in traffic to the Tea Leaves Health website from Sept 2016 – Dec. 2016. Home page traffic increased by 167% YOY. Page views increased by 380% and users increased by 135%, compared to the same time in 2015. New Visitor vs. Returning Visitor statistics remained the same YOY, and we also saw the number of pages viewed per session increased by 105%. Statistics from the Top 10 landing pages also show that 6 pages in the Top 10 were pages that we drove to within the Google search campaign.

The campaign also gave us the chance to learn more about those people who clicked, which can be used in future digital campaigns to even more precisely target our audiences. We were able to capture useful demographic info on the web traffic, which showed a shift – in 2016, more women traveled to the Tea Leaves Health website than men, and the A25-34 age range provided us our greatest number of visitors.

If your company is looking to amplify your website visitors and traffic, optimize your website’s search engine organic results, or increase your brand visibility in a cost efficient manner, MorningStar Media’s digital team** is ready to help.

*2017 WHPRMS Communications Review Award Winner for Microsite/Website/Intranet and 2017 WHPRMS Judges Choice Award Winner

**MorningStar Media Group is a Google Partner, and is proud to have Google Certified Ad Professionals ready to help your company.

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