May 17th, 2016

In order to remain competitive in all of the services we perform here at MorningStar Media Group, our team moves rapidly to complete projects. As the project manager for this small (but mighty) group of individuals, I know I can rely on our team to perform, but to help them stay on task, I knew we needed an update to our project managing software.

Last year we began looking at different platforms, and eventually decided on Asana. Today, I’m excited to announce we officially got Asana up and running in January 2016, and so far, the change has been treating us really well. For starters, I love the simple design and ease-of-use the platform offers.

One of the most important changes has been the ability to converse within Asana about specific projects instead of through emails where messages are more apt to get lost or deleted. Additionally, I receive inbox notifications so I know immediately when projects need my attention.

Because communication is better, projects and sub-tasks are now easier to follow, and with email notifications, everyone involved in a project can see updates as they happen – virtually eliminating the lag time between one person completing a task and the rest of the team learning about it.

In addition, setting up, adding new, completing and changing projects has become easier and everything is archived. I cannot describe how useful it has been to reference back to a previous moment in a project (as I definitely have) to remember exactly how we got to a certain point and how we need to improve in the future.

While I can’t comment on how well Asana works at larger agencies, it fits ours pretty well. As we continue to use it, I find new features that could benefit our projects and our company. Plus, we’ve integrated Harvest time tracking, and while it’s not the most seamless connection, Harvest has been great for billing and quickly checking on hours by project, staff member, and task.

Oh! A silly side note, randomly when you complete a task a unicorn will jump across your screen…and yes, the unicorn makes me feel accomplished and happy.

It’s a great tool, and I’m excited to explore it more because at MorningStar Media, we strive for strong performance – the key to which is strong communication.

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